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Vegetarian and Vegan Appetizers

All of our dishes are created using organic, local, and kosher ingredients.  We specialize in gluten-free, and can accommodate vegan or paleo-friendly requests.

Here is a partial list of appetizers to choose from (please note that dishes will be modified to accommodate seasonal availability of ingredients):

    • Stuffed Mushrooms:  Baby portabellas stuffed with goat cheese and topped with herbed bread crumbs.
    • Mini Quiche:  Choose from a variety of quiches...our favorite is spinach.
    • Hummus:  Traditional, beet, or cauliflower basil.
    • Guacamole Potato Skins:  Potato skin boats filled with fresh guacamole.
    • Buffalo Tofu Wings with Ranch Dip
    • Beer Batter Fried Green Olives
    • Stuffed Figs:  Figs stuffed with marscapone and topped with candied walnuts.
    • Garlic Sweet Potato Fries
    • Ebelskivers:  Danish pancakes stuffed with savory fillings...our favorites are goat cheese with chives or curried mushrooms.
    • Pakoras:  Indian fritters.
    • Mousse:  Carrot and cashew or spinach and basil.
    • Pate: Mushroom or eggplant.
    • Terrine:  Filled with broccoli, carrots, and mushrooms.
    • Egg Muffins
    • Springrolls
    • Beetroot and Millet Sliders
    • Involtini di Melanzane:  Eggplant rolls filled with pistachio, feta, capers and quinoa.
    • Mini pizzas